Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Local Cuisine

So I've been super busy, and haven't posted in a while. I'm sorry, as I know how deeply you all have come to depend on me. I just thought it would be good to take a little break, to get some work done, and stop enabling your codependency.

I've been doing a lot of work with our host nation military. You know, coordinating, liaison, stuff like that. Part of that, of course, is spending a lot of time with these people, and eating in their dining facilities. And I've noticed something: their people eat a lot better than ours do.

Take today's lunch, for instance. Lamb, curried chicken, rice, and soup. Served to us with fresh fruit and a cute little can of Pepsi. Also a can of Mirinda Orange. What were the guys on Camp Slappy eating? Probably some kind of overcooked pork or chicken, or the standard strange-tasting cheeseburger, or something like that.

Now, this may have been because we were eating in the Officers and NCOs Mess. I can't say. All I can say is that the food was really good, the service was great, and the Soldiers I took in there with me really enjoyed it. And I'm wondering- with as much money as we pay the companies with whom we contract our support services (food, bathroom maintenance, etc), why is it that our food sucks (There are good meals, by the way, but by and large it's worse than the food at any given college dorm cafeteria)? Why are all the latrines filled with mold and falling apart?

I know it could be worse. I've done my share of "business" by digging a hole in the woods. I have also had to eat MREs three times a day for more days in a row than I care to count. But I'm just saying.


La Yen said...

Remember when we went to BYU for the first time and were all excited about the Cannon Center Caf? "Chicken Cordon Bleu Every Sunday!!!" "Cornish Game Hen!!" "Mint Brownies!!"

But after ten months we were all "Hells Bells, just give me a bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Because I can't eat another freaking mini chicken again."

I suspect you are going through something similar.

Waldo said...

It's true. If I have to look another baked chicken quarter, strange Gyro, or bizarrely overcooked steak in the face again, I may kill someone.

Nigel said...

Army chow. In three years, I don't think I EVER had potato salad with fully-cooked potatoes. Potato salad is not (I repeat NOT) supposed to crunch like a carrot stick.

Do they still serve the "meat patty, all-purpose, gray"? Yep, they call it veal patty,pork patty,chicken patty, swiss steak, chicken-fried steak, etc. but it's all the same awful thing.

But army chow for breakfast rules. Best breakfast ever. Seriously.

So, do the people from the host nation ever eat in your dining facility? How's that?