Thursday, November 06, 2008

OK, the election is over. Now I can blog again.

I have been deliberately avoiding this blog (as opposed to my other blog, which I have been avoiding because I'm frankly lazy) because of the pre-election frenzy. And let me tell you how I feel about that:

"F" That.

If you are passionate about an issue because you've researched it and feel that your stance, your educated opinion is right, more power to you. If, however (and I think this is the case with the majority of the fwd emails I receive or nonsense I hear) you are passing on what basically amounts to hot, soupy garbage because someone you know got it from someone they know and it's all about how so and so is a terrorist because of what his parents named him or so and so is racist because he happened to be born white, then do us all a favor and SHUT UP. Because, either way (and this is important, so pay attention),




I am not interested in your nonsense. I will pay attention to well-thought-out arguments that are not sensationalist. I will not, however, listen to or entertain anything that I will find on Or on Fox News.

But that's beside the point, because now we're done. Do you hear me? DONE. Whether you won or lost, Obama is the President-elect. Whether you voted or not (and I did, by the way), it's OVER.

If you supported McCain, you get 48 hours to piss and moan. For 48 hours, I will read your emails or have the conversations with you. After that, I will get back to supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States, and supporting my Commander in Chief.

If you supported Obama, you get 48 hours to celebrate. I will also read your emails and have the conversations with you, too. And after that, I am going to get back to work (see above). And when he gets sworn in, I will continue.

Now that the dust has settled, I really hope that all the people out there on the interwebs who were so excited about forwarding messages for one side or the other will take all that energy and use it for something substantial. If you feel strongly enough about an issue to espouse someone else's poorly researched opinion on it, you should take the time to look it up yourself. And if you still agree with it after that, then do something other than forwarding that opinion on. Start a petition, lobby your local or state rep, something. You know, exercise your rights as a citizen. But for the love, let's move on with our lives now. I've got work to do.


dastew said...

Amen man. I'm just going to use the following rule when voting for pres from now one: "Which one is more likely to appoint W Chairman of the Joint Chiefs".

dalene said...

This is the first year I have experienced something even worse than e-mail forwards (which, thankfully, have been at a lull since my grandmother does not know how to add my new e-mail addy to her family group address): The power of fourth-grade peer pressure.

My youngest has been in knots over the alleged doom about to settle on the country. I kept wondering where he got this stuff and then I realized his peers were hearing these myths and rumors at home and then blabbing about it on the playground.

Is the 48-hours up yet? Because I was so over this election months ago.

La Yen said...

What is the F for?

Nigel said...

Yeah buddy, defend the constitution. I wish our elected officials took that part of the oath more seriously...