Friday, September 19, 2008

Captain Evil

So the other day I had a Soldier come by and ask if we could make him a crossover cable. All my geeks were busy and I was only surfing the internet staring blankly into space updating slides, so I said I would do it. So I got out the cable, found the RJ-45 ends, got my strippers (WIRE strippers, people. This would be a way better deployment if it were the other kind) and crimpers and started to make the cable. I realized it had been like two years since I had to make a cable, so I googled the order of the wires for a crossover cable, and then I made it. Five minute job, no biggie, right?

So why did my geeks look at me like I had another head growing out of my armpit? Am I that far removed from actual work?

As punishment for their insolence, I had them all placed in burlap bags and beaten with reeds.


dastew said...

I'm sure they deserved the beatings. As to making cable for some reason that's one of the more enjoyable things I've learned with my job. It's strangely satisfying.

La Yen said...

Strippers? Really? Are we going to go there? Because I will see your strippers and raise you no sex in April. Ready to fold?

Waldo said...

It wouldn't be a better deployment for ME. Just in general. I don't need strippers at all. I'm just saying.

I fold.

Nigel said...

Beatings with reeds and strippers? Did the USO send Cirque du Soleil over there to entertain the troops?

Waldo said...

does no one remember the Dr. Evil monologue during the first round of therapy?

It's like living with a six-year-old