Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Hero

This blog is basically an homage to my wife. She's totally my hero. Let me illustrate:

She's a hottie, and she's a great cook. This hasn't changed since we were 18, other than her cooking skill has improved. She married me when she totally shouldn't have, setting herself up for at least two years of "we're way too young for this." Then, she stayed with me even though I joined the Army. This is significant because she had broken up with a guy before that who was going into the Naval Academy, thinking that she didn't want to be with a military man. While I was in the Army, she moved with me to Monterey, CA, causing her to have to take a year off from school and when she got back to school, they had gotten rid of her program, which she really loved. She's been by herself almost half of the marriage because of my job, and still likes me. She gave up a job that she liked, great neighbors (nayvors), a nice house, and the intermountain west to come to El Piss-o and not be able to find a job. And most recently, even though it drives her insane to be in the house all the time, she stays at home to take care of Gigi.

Those are just some of the reasons. I know I totally married up- she's more educated, smarter, more spiritual, and a better parent than I am. I really don't know what I bring to the relationship other than astoundingly good looks and a mediocre income. I'm lazy, I don't really like to pick up after myself, and I'm really not interested in doing much other than watching TV at night and playing with the baby. Yeah, I'm a catch. And through it all, she stays with me, and was even suckered into marrying me in the Temple, sealing her to me for eternity. Boy, did she get gypped.

I know that she works harder than I do, because I can go to work and have time to do things like post blogs (yes, your tax dollars paid for this. You own an infinitessimally small part of this blog- probably the "s" in "small") while she has to be "on" all the time for Gigi. Plus, work for me is fun (most of the time) and I get to see some of my friends. Meanwhile, she's at home. I know this, and I want to publically say that I appreciate it.

So basically, Jen is the coolest. That's what I'm trying to say. I love her, and I appreciate her, and she's my hero. Maybe I ought to tell her this more when I'm at home, instead of saving it for a public forum like the Internet. I don't know. But at least it's out there now, and everyone knows it.



Bek said...

That was a really cool blog. Isn't it funny how sometimes we forget to notice or express the wonderful and amazing qualities about our spouse--the very things that attracted us in the first place. Sometimes it gets lost in the bills, laundry, children. What a nice thing to say about her.

I have to say that this is a better forum for saying how great your wife is then, say, sacrament meeting. Don't get me wrong..I LOVE wife-amonies as much as the next gal. This week we had tons of Hurricane-amonies and Flood-amonies, but wife-amonies are the best!
I realize you don't have any idea who I am....I have been reading Jen's blog (via a friend of a friend of a friend), I am an old roommate of Melanee Hunt/Phipps and I am giving you guys all of my daughters clothes for the Jooj. :-)

Have a good week.

waldo said...


Did you live upstairs, or were you in the basement with all those people? Do you know Cindy? (bald girl, kinda bitter?)

Thanks for the comment... I too hate testimonies that aren't. We used to play "testimony BINGO" in the ol' singles ward... you just make a card with the top phrases and play away. You know, "On my mission," "I don't know where I'd be..." that kind of stuff. You just have to keep from yelling BINGO! really loudly when you win.

"Vdyuf!" said the Cossak horseman as he chopped the head off a peasant in Siberia.

Azúcar said...

"Sfwgmodu" said the peasant, letting his last breath escape in a soft sigh.

Jen is the coolest. Here are a few things that I like about Jen:
When we had that garage sale at Jeremy & Staten's place the two of us totally switches shoes and she didn't even charge me.
She's always funny.
Check out that wardrobe--the girl can accessorize!

You're pretty awesome for writing it all down too.

Someone hand me a tissue.

Bek said...


I wasn't in the basement OR the upstairs apartment. I lived with them when I first got back from my mission (BINGO). It was the Jan of 95. We lived in a condo a little bit south of campus on the top floor. I roomed w/ Cathy and Melanee roomed w/ another girl named Melanie. We all worked at the Barnes and Nobles. I hear you were a coffe guy there!! Did you work with a short manager named Denise and tall guy named, I think it was Dwayne (another assistant manager). He always wore white jeans and pink shirts? I worked in the Music dept. I don't think I knew you b/c I would have remembered a name like Waldo. Also, I only worked there for 6 months, I got married in Aug 97 and moved to New Jersey. I WAS at Melanee's wedding...anything?

I don't know a girl named Cyndi--but wait, didn't they used to live across the street from Liberty Square? I think it was a downstairs apartment and they had BBQ's all the time. I sure WISH I knew a bitter, bald girl named Cyndi. That would be a real treat!

La Yen said...

Somebody is going to get some sweet sweet loving when I am not tired or emotional or irritated or tired!

Queen Scarlett said...

I am emailing your post to my husband. I vote you to teach today's Priesthood session at Conference. What a wonderful tribute to your wife. Beautiful. You're lucky because Jen is phenomenal... from what I know of her via blogging - and she is also lucky because you recognize it... AND THANK YOU both for the sacrifices you make to keep this country the promised land.

Thanks for giving me the warm fuzzies today. Cheers!

~j. said...

Yeah, w, how WAS that Priesthood session? You know, the one on the first of Roctober?

Hey - I lived across the street from Liberty Square in a (kind of) basement apartment. And, did anyone ever hear Jeremy complain of the home teacher that wouldn't leave him alone? That would be my husband.

I love when men pay tribute to their wives over the pulpit. I do NOT love it when they make it a part of their testimony. Follow this formula, which I actually heard used once, as clearly as this: "I would first like to express my gratitude for..." (wife, cafe rio, etc.). "And now, I would like to bear my testimony."

I love Jen, too. But you know that. It still helps to be reminded, though. She validates me, the neediest friend ever. She makes killer rice & beans (don't tell abuela). And remember the time she brought home bags-n-bags of maternity clothes for me? I had neither the time, money, talent, nor energy to shop for maternity clothes, and she shows up and says, "Here, take what you want. When you're done, I'll return whatever you don't want, and you can pay me back later, or whenever, or not." Who does that?! Your fly chica, that's who. The list goes on...

In our singles' ward (also at the glenwood), our testimony bingo game always had a bonus square that was used for ANY swear word. This one guy swore every time: "Yeah, so I guess I've been through a lot of sh** in my life...".

Azúcar said...

Maybe Jeremy complained to Waldo, but I never heard him complain. I worked everyday with him for four years. I miss that guy.

La Yen said...

He didn't complain as much as Staten joked about it. They thought it was funny that someone would care about Jeremy going to church. (This could have been a hint as to future happenings...)

I heart my nayvor.

Azúcar said...

The last time I saw Jeremy was when I was about to pop with William, so Dec '03. I was just leaving The Last Samurai and he was about to enter. He told me he was almost done with his program and was planning on moving back to California to work. I hope he's doing OK.

katie j. said...

aaaw cute!! your right, jen is awsome huh!