Tuesday, December 06, 2005

what's wrong with you people??

OK, so I'm reading a blog that was written by a young (12) girl. There are some posts on there that are NOT written by a preadolescent boy, but instead are posted by some sick SOB who has dirty ulterior motives in mind. Here is my question: Where are the parents? Why do the parents not regulate what goes on in the crazy Interweb thing all the kids are doing? To make myself feel better, and to rant insanely, I am going to give a couple of points that you people should follow.

Point 1: (Most important) The computer goes in a public place. No kid gets a computer in their room. Computers are great tools. However, with the amount of really nasty people on the internet right now, and with the amount of horrible places to visit on the net, we as families should remove the threat by ensuring that the computers are in places where we can see what's going on on them.

Point 2: Password protect the monkey out of that thing. No one should be able to get on the computer without parental permission, and the only people who should know that password are the parents. This makes sure that the parents know when the kids are online. And this leads me to point 3.....

Point 3: Learn to use the History tab. The History shows you what web sites have been visited day by day. You can get this by pressing the History button, or you can use the drop down URL bar. Parents (using the password) should be the only ones who delete the History. If it's deleted on a day when you didn't BOTH agree to do it, then you know that someone in the house is deleting it because they don't want you to see what they've been looking at.

Point 4: Kids have no expectation of privacy. Did they pay for the computer? Do they pay for the house? Are they your kids and do you love them? Then you have the exclusive, permanent, and inalienable right to spy on them and search their stuff- physical and intellectual property. If they cry, tell them to suck it up. If they hate you, at least they're not being molested by some mullet-wearing, moustached perv in a minivan. You're in charge. Be in charge.

I guess that's it. Please be responsible adults, and if you can think of other tips, please post them in the comments. And if you know or suspect something is going on with someone, let people know. Start with the parents and go on to the authorities. Do your part.


cabesh said...

Thanks. I think this is SO important, and lots of parents don't realize what's going on.
Another tip: Use filtering software. Many of them have a feature whereby the kids CAN'T delete what they've been doing. I know my inlaws can even see who my teenager brother-in-law has chatted with.

Your Uber-geeky Brother said...

Some good advice. While the filtering software is not always very effective at filtering out the bad stuff, some of them include activity logs. You can't get online without typing your username and password, and then it logs where that user goes. That way the parent can keep better track. It's pretty much the only way to ensure that you know where they go.
Aside from that, many routers log the websites and other computers that each computer goes to. That's a great way to keep track as well, because most kids don't know that.

waldo said...

Cool. thanks both of you for the advice. And to the rest of the world, where the heck are you? Just because a guy doesn't post a blog for like two months doesn't mean that you shouldn't constantly check his site. I mean, seriously. But really, thanks for the other tips. And if you're a parent and I offended you then I'm sorry. I don't mean to imply that any parents out there are stupid. This is just an issue that frustrates me, so thanks for understanding.

~j. said...

Hey. DeAnn read this and did NOT get offended. In fact, her daughter is no longer blogging, as you may well be aware.

FOR THE RECORD, for any lurkers out there...the author of this blog knows the 12 year old in question, who, again, no longer writes on a blog. As it should be.

Anonymous said...

A computer in the bedroom with NO internet access you mean!! Just a computer is actually a good idea. It is amazing what a cheapy computer can help teach the kids.

AzĂșcar said...

Waldo, I can believe that parents don't keep up on popular music. I can believe that parents don't know anything about movies coming out that their kid can be watching. I just can't believe that more parents don't take an active interest in their children's online life. Having been online for more than a decade, I wouldn't dream of allowing my child online without some serious software, monitoring and cookie watching.
Not knowing who Fall Out Boy is is one thing, not understanding how the computer works is dangerous.

Bek said...

Waldo, bravo.

Did anyone see the thing on Dateline about the group called Perverted Justice? They go online posing as adolescent boys and girls, chat and arrange "meetings". It is amazing how many people showed up at the house where they thought a teenage boy/girl was home alone. One even took his clothes off before he came in the door!!! They come from all walks of life. The law hasn't caught up to the internet yet and the most that this group can usually do is embarass them. Yikes.

I think that keeping the computer in a public place is a great start. If parents would just do that, even w/out the software it would make a huge difference. It is one thing to know that the monsters are out there. It is another thing to invite them into your living room.

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