Friday, July 04, 2008

I'm back

So just came off of my R & R leave (18 wonderful days with wife and family) to this:

Yeah, that's the sun. That's a morning shot, so as you can see, kinda dusty. And I'm a little tired.

But on the upside, I had a great time at home. We went to Disney World, which Gigi loved (so did Jen and I), we got to see great friends, and Gigi got a "Cinnerenna Bed" (translation: Cinderella bed). No more crib.

If you're planning to take a trip, check out We got a great condo for cheap. The only way to travel.

More updates later (after I get some rest!)

And Happy Birthday, America!


dastew said...

Wow you look sleepy. Hope the trip was good. Let me know if you need any books while your over there, I can sneak shipments out via my work without a problem.

compulsive writer said...

Happy Birthday America indeed. We couldn't enjoy all that's good about it if it weren't for people like you.

Thank you!

waldo&cay said...

A lovely view of the skyline--is Kuwait also humid, so all that dust also sticks to you? that's what happens herre!
We had a great pot luck dinner here--"4th of July in Dubai". It was awesome to be a bunch of Americans and celebrating Independence Day in the Middle East! I love you--sorry it was such a short vacation! Mom

~j. said...

Are you on Tatooine? If so, you need a wider-angled lense.

Did you get to watch Stadium of Fire via AFN?

Waldo said...

No, Tatooine is in Morocco. For real.

And no, I didn't get to watch it. I was trying to catch up on sleep and laundry. I heard Rae was the star, though. I know famous people!