Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Army Medicine

OK, so I went to the clinic today to get another anthrax booster. No biggie, just another shot. So I go in, fill out the paperwork, take off my uniform jacket, roll up my sleeve, and get stuck. Then, as the tech is pulling the needle out of my arm, she must have apparently had the plunger pressed down, because ANTHRAX SPRAYED ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!

Including in my eye.

True story.


dastew said...

I think I've seen that in horror movies. Are you all right? You're not going to start eating brains are you? You don't have a risk of contracting Anthrax do you?

AzĂșcar said...

Will you live? Do we need to send more care packages? This sounds serious. Should I alert the media? John Stossel?

La Yen said...

Oh Army, you have the best healthcare. Did you get your Paps in the field while you were there?