Thursday, May 11, 2006

Just to recap

OK, Jen's been gone for four days. Here's the recap:

day one: Soccer game, wallowing in filth, no sleep. See post below. Lunch: tuna Lunchable. Dinner: hot dogs (microwaved, eaten on white bread), ice cream for dessert. Bedtime: 1:45 am.

day two: worked late, came home, fell asleep in uniform on the floor while watching Spin City. Woke up approx 7:30 pm. Rented "The Longest Yard" remake with Adam Sandler. It's actually really funny. Dinner: steaks and salad. Bedtime: 12:30 am

day three: left work at about 5:00, went home. Fell asleep on the floor watching Spin City. Woke up approx 8:00 pm. Watched House, Criminal Minds, CSI. Dinner: Golden Grahams and a Coke. Bedtime: 1145 due to early basketball game.

day four (ongoing): Teleconference with Korea at 5:30 pm, will arrive home approx 7:45. Woke up to go to the game, but the dogs escaped. Spent 2.5 hours looking for the little sons of guns throughout the neighborhood. Missed the game. Boss is angry with me. Lunch: sandwich at applebee's. Dinner: to be determined (probably popcorn or chips and salsa).

This is how pathetic I am. Please help.


La Yen said...

I will be home soon and will help you then.

April said...

Must run in the family. Ricky ate corndogs the entire time I was in Colorado last week and I still don't know what he did with his time.

AzĂșcar said...

You have forgotten the magic of the food delivery services. There's no Tamales-on-the-Run type joint?

LuckyRedHen said...

Ran into Sage & Dan at Costco. They asked about you guys and something about moving again? What the...

La Yen said...

Sage and Grant? Or does he have a secret name that he gives out to the cool cats at Costco?

I am home, now, and the filth has continued, although we have had dinner every night this week. And poundcake. And yesterday we went to bed at 8:30