Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big News

Big news, everyone.  I was offered a Battery Command.  For those of you not in the military, I will explain:  The main goal of every Captain in the Army is to be a Company/Battery/Troop commander.  Unfortunately, for officers in my career field, those opportunities are fewer and farther between because of the way the Army has been restructured.  Couple that with the fact that command is a privilege and and honor, and you get a glimpse of why this is big news for me.

As part of my incipient command, I have written a draft of a command philosophy.  There is a lot of stuff I could have put in it, but I was trying to keep it to under a page and a half.  I am going to reprint it here, with the caveat that this is a first draft.

Oh, also, the battery call sign is "Hardcore," so don't be confused by that.

Here goes.

1.      Our mission is to provide outstanding, professional support to the line batteries of 2-43 ADA BN.   While the other units conduct air defense operations, we provide the critical unified command and control necessary to accomplish the battalion’s missions.  Hardcore Soldiers are a team, and our job is to support the battalion’s missions in peace and war.  Our attitude must always be “The answer is ‘yes,’ now what is the question?”  We will take pride in our ability to sustain the combat capability of our fellow Warriors no matter what conditions, no matter what time, no matter what day


2.      Hardcore Soldiers are motivated.  Hardcore Soldiers are treated with dignity and respect, and Hardcore leaders constantly demonstrate real concern for Soldiers.  This does not mean pampering Soldiers, but ensuring they are always trained, informed, personal problems are addressed promptly, awards are timely and punishment is exacted swiftly when needed. 


3.      Hardcore Soldiers are professionals.  They are disciplined, motivated, and proficient in their MOS.  The nature of the HHB mission requires a high degree of personal responsibility on the part of all Soldiers, particularly in staff sections.  Soldiers and junior leaders must step up and take individual responsibility in their work.  This means that more senior leaders must empower their subordinates and allow them opportunities to excel.


4.      Non-Commissioned Officers are the backbone of the Army and of our unit.  Platoon, Staff, and section NCOICs are the center of gravity around which all battery operations revolve.  I will treat you with the respect you deserve- ensure you earn it.  Leaders will set the example at all times.  Good leadership provides purpose, direction, motivation, and will spark esprit in a unit.  I expect leaders to lead their soldiers, care for them by holding them to high standards and preparing them for combat.  Developing young Soldiers and junior leaders for increased responsibility is a priority in all our training.  Depth is provided in our ranks through delegation with supervision, as our primary method of leader development.  I expect all NCOs to know and live by the Creed of the Non-Commissioned Officer, to ensure that they are the standard-bearers of professionalism and to provide the outstanding leadership that all Soldiers deserve.


5.      Hardcore Soldiers and their Families are the core of our unit.  The Army frequently demands much of our time and effort, so we as leaders must ensure that we safeguard Family time for our Soldiers.  I believe in a strong, involved FRG and will work to ensure that Families are informed and involved in unit activities.


6.      The Army is not a zero-defect organization.  We will all make mistakes- it is how we react to those mistakes that will determine our success as individuals and as a unit.  I will do my best to take care of Soldiers who make honest mistakes.  I do have some zero-tolerance areas, however:  Drug or alcohol-related incidents, domestic violence, adultery, equal opportunity/sexual harassment or violence against another Soldier will be prosecuted with all the resources available to me.


7.      HARDCORE! 


Azúcar said...

Huge congratulations, huge.

To both of you ;)

I think this is an excellent first draft with clear points, expectations, and communication guidelines.

waldo and cay said...

I'm impressed! Tell me, do other officers make statements like this? And if not, are you saving them somewhere?

I always knew you would turn out to be a great leader. I am so proud.

Love, mom

~j. said...

And the legend . . . of the rent . . . was WAY hardcore!

La Yen said...

I still think you need a bullet point detailing your zero-tolerance policy for douchiness.

Nigel said...


waldo and cay said...

I have read your comments a couple of times. This is really good stuf.
Keep up the good work and remember that "you will never be any better than the worse member of your team". This means pick carefully and train hard!

Cody said...

Army Strong, Sir...

I like the part where you said awards are timely, that had me laughing for a good minute.