Saturday, March 21, 2009

A New Feature

This marks what will be the beginning of a new, randomly updated feature on this blog:

Staff Officer Stick Figure Theatre!! (you have to imagine the echo sound effect).

I know that not all staff experiences are like this, but I've received enough feedback already to know that this little comic has struck a nerve among some people.

Without further ado:

(I'm not saying that I did this during a meeting or anything... but it took about 20 minutes that would otherwise have been wasted).


Nigel said...

I don't mean to hijack your comments, but I thought you'd like to know--there's a new stake president who presides over the entire middle-east, all 16 wards and branches. His name? Waldo Galan.

La Yen said...

That would be Papo, W's illustrious father. Freaky, no?

Waldo said...

Yeah, he got called to be my stake pres while I was over there. he got to come to where I was with Elder Holland and my mom, and a few others. It was awesome.

Nigel said...

So, I understand why you were in the middle east, but why is dad over there?

Waldo said...

Dad is the director of Ford Motor Co for the mid east. He just happens to live in Dubai.

Crazy, huh?