Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The greatest story ever told

Happy New Year and stuff.

Getting ready to get the hell up out of here in something like three months, and I am extremely happy about the fact.

But not as happy as I am about the following headline:

Little Blue Pills Among The Ways CIA Wins Friends in Afghanistan

(see the story here)

Seems that the CIA is distributing Viagra to aged Afghan tribal chiefs in an attempt to, um... raise support for US efforts in the area.

Seems it's hard to operate when people don't trust you.

I'm done now.

But seriously. Awesome.


dastew said...

That's awesome. Honestly though if I was an aging chief I might just swing my support over to someone who helps me rise again.

La Yen said...

Don't you mean "schwing" your support, Stew?

Those chiefs sure have weiners! (Sorry. Can't come up with any entendres. Of any length.)

Nigel said...

We've delivered democracy, pepsi, and viagra. Our work is done here?

Mamie Coffey said...

"look for those common things in the form of material aid that motivate people everywhere." Creative interp on "material aid"... clever!