Thursday, January 17, 2008

My address

OK, here's my address.

CPT Waldo Galan
HHB, 2-43 AMD BN
APO AE 09366

I also urge you to support this web page:

It is basically a distribution vehicle for care packages addressed to "Any Soldier." For those of you who've been deployed (or served missions) you know how important mail is. This web page was started by a Soldier in Iraq (and later Afghanistan) and it gives profiles for Soldiers who have signed up to serve as points of contact for their section/platoon/company. So if you surf to that page and look up my profile, for instance, you will see that I have seven Soldiers that I'm responsible for and what items we would like to receive. If you're feeling generous you can find Soldiers on there who really need stuff and send them something as well.

Just something to think about.


La Yen said...

Really. You need candy? And PT clothes?

What are you, a hobo?
You what I need? A cabana boy and a peanut buster parfait. But do I get a website? No.

You will get what I send you, and be happy about it.

~j. said...

I can't find where to find you. Blurg.

Waldo said...

I will be happy with anything anyone sends. and ~j, get with la yen to find where to find me. Apparently she's seen my profile and was not pleased. :)

La Yen said...

It is not a very intuitive website. If you poke around a little, you are able to enter a soldier's name, and W pops up. Kind of a pain.

dastew said...

I like the fact that my Google Analytics has one hit with multiple page views from a certain part of the world that's never been to my site before. That is to say I'm pretty sure that "I know where you are this summer". Great movie.