Thursday, November 22, 2007

I googled myself, and now I think I'm going blind

Because I care about you, the taxpayer, I spend a lot of time at my federal job, where I am the communications officer for my battalion. I lead 12 highly motivated Soldiers (and one dud, but that's another post...) and we are a streamlined, efficient machine, dedicated to communications excellence. Because of our efficiency, I spend a lot of time on the Internet, and frequently will browse around looking for information on my favorite topics. And thus it was, early one afternoon, that I googled my name. The first two hits are this blog. But then I saw this guy:

What? Yeah. My dad is all over the web, in three languages. That's depressing. You'd like to think that you make a difference, and it ends up that all you need to become a web icon is a larger than average forehead.

There are some other Waldo Galans out there, too. For instance, I also saw this guy:

This gentleman's name is Waldo T. Galan, and he's from Mexico and Texas. He apparently recently passed away, which is sad. The world needs more Waldo Galans.

At first I though this was just another guy blessed with an awesome name like Waldo Galan. But then I looked closer, and started noticing similarities between him and my dad. Well, mostly one similarity: Forehead Size. I don't believe this is a coincidence.

So someone tell me- do you all think I'm related to this guy? Am I doomed to have a giant forehead? And how can I become so efficient that I don't even need to show up to work?


dastew said...

It's like you're playing where's Waldo with yourself!....

Yes it's a bad joke but a. those who know me or read my blog know to expect that sort of behavior and b. you all were thinking it.

waldo said...


You are fired. No more comments for you.


~j. said...

Mayve you should try to cover up your destined-to-be-larger-than-average forehead with a pleather cap and a chain wallet.

waldo said...

So we just go straight there now? Is that ho we roll? Because I could also cover them with some cutoff cargo shorts and hiking boots, if I wanted. But no one's mentioning that.

~j. said...

A teal pleather cap.

dastew said...

sorry W.

AzĂșcar said...

I'm on pins and needles to hear about the dud.

Sorry about your forehead.