Monday, August 29, 2005

Yeah, I've got a blog too.

Yeah, I've got a blog too.

My wife has one, my friends have one, and now I have one. Give it up for peer pressure. My first posting is just a desperate plea for people to read. I promise to do my best to make it interesting or funny, but at the end of the day, I just want people to read it and post stuff.

OK, so a little about me. My name is Waldo. Yeah, insert stupid joke here. I guarantee you that I have heard every single "where's Waldo" joke, and even most of the Van Halen "Hot for Teacher" references. I am married, and have been for eight and a half years. My wife's name is Jen, and she has a blog called "elpasorepresentyo". I am an Army officer stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas, in the scenic city of Occupied Northern Juarez, otherwise known as El Paso, TX. I work in the Air Defense field, so don't bother lobbing a tactical ballistic missile at me, or I'll have to shoot it down. Jen and I have a little daughter named Georgia Grace (GiGi) who is by far the prettiest baby in history. I'm sorry, I'm sure that you all love your kids, but empirically speaking, GiGi blows them all out of the water. Link to our website at

Anyway, Jen and I moved out here from Utah. At this point, I want to send a little shout out to Jen. She is the coolest, most supportive, most wonderful person ever. Also, she's a great cook and a little hottie. She quit a job and left a house where she had friends and some awesome neighbors in order to come down here to the desert and swelter along with me. Then, once we adopted, she decided she didn't want to work in order to raise GiGi. She rules.

Continuing on, I expect to be here in El Paso for the next couple of years at least. It's a fun time.

Ok. Now you all post something. If it's original, I'll take a where's waldo joke. If it's not original, expect to get mocked. Try not to be profane, because who knows who's going to read this.

Ready... GO.


La Yen said...

You know what would be cool? If you got tatoo of a where's waldo on your butt, with a tatoo of a where's waldo on his butt.

Also, I AM a hottie.

Chelsea Strong said...

Waldo, I don't know what to say. I just you wanted to feel special that you got another comment!! And Jen really is a hottie. You guys are such a wonderful couple and I have always looked up to ya all.

~j. said...

Yeah, Gigi looks just like you. How'd you DO that?

Welcome to this world. I hope others don't have trouble finding you.

AzĂșcar said...

I've heard that El Paso is the armpit of Texas. Confirm or Deny.

waldo said...

It's not so much the armpit as it is like the hairy back. It still smells bad, but there are worse places. for example, Midland/Odessa. Or Juarez.

El Paso has great mexican food, good movie theaters, and one cuban restaurant, so it is one up on Provo. Also my ward rocks. And I'm here, so how bad could it really be?

"Qqfkmlxs" is the noise Jen makes when I try to wake her up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Waldo,
This is the first time I've ever posted a comment on a blog...or on the internet for that matter. Without getting into too much detail....the story begins with me getting a new job...and meeting Waldo Galan of Ford (I do not work for Ford). Your dad right?! Very engaging engaging in fact that I had to "google" him. And that is how I came across your blog. I went to college right up the road from you in Albuquerque..and my college roommate, who I still keep in touch with, is from El Paso. I was a Supply Corps Officer in the Navy...I'm an Army brat...I have 2 kids (3 yrs old and 1 year old)...a lot in common (Ever heard of 6 Degrees of Separation!! There has to be some connection..somewhere!!). Great circle of friends/family you have! Fun group. I may have to forward some of your quotes about El Paso on to my old roommate...just to piss him off! Those proud Texans....